Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Horse Songs for Preschool & Horse Math!

I use these nearly every year, even when we don't have a cowboy theme.

Easy & fun hand motion song:

cup hands & clap in rhythm
Horsey, Horsey Don't You Stop, just let your feet go clippety-clop
slide palms together for a swishing sound
Your tail goes swish 
 roll hands
and the wheels go round,
 cup hands & clap in rhythm
Giddy-up we're homeward bound!

Here's a link to a cute youtube version. (much longer)

Horse Math!
Then I use the same melody to do "Ten Fine Horses", but we start instead with Two Horses.
I have a picture of two horses and the number 2. One horse is grey, one is brown.
I have the kids hold up one finger on each hand, and say with me: "one plus one makes two"
Then we sing:

our two "horses" (fingers) wave in the air
Two fine horses came to town
wiggle one finger, and then the next
One was grey and one was brown
raise & lower hands, wiggling fingers
They galloped up and they galloped down
both hands go behind back
Then they galloped out of town.

Of course on the next page I have four horses & the number 4, and we mirror that with two fingers on each hand, etc..., all the way up to the number 10.

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